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Postage Services

If unable to drop off your guitar, we have a helpful postage service to make sure your instrument is looked after. This service is available across the UK.

When we have your instrument, you will be contacted and we shall have a conversation about what you expect from the instrument. 

I am very happy to take on repair work using this service. However I do not recommend using it for a set up. It is a very precise job to tailor the instrument just for you. The change in temperature during the return trip may well undo this work. 


If you have any questions about your guitar please feel free to send me an email,

even if it is just to ask for some advice.

Guitar Shipping - £17

No need to leave your house, package your guitar with an appropriate box and bubble wrap.

I will arrange a courier to come to your door and collect your instrument.


Once the work has been carried out we can then send the instrument back to your door. If you send your guitar in a Sell Us Your Guitar box, we will send a new one for the return leg.

Please be aware that the price is for each time the guitar is shipped. It would cost £34 to have the guitar shipped to me and then for me to return it to you.

If you need to buy packaging for your guitar you can do so from my shop. I will be able to send it out throughout the lockdown.

Instrument Cover:

 Should anything happen to your instrument in the shipping process you are safe in the knowledge that you're covered. Instruments must be shipped in a box and a Hard Case or Padded soft case to be eligible.

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