Musical instruments require a regular check over to keep it in full working order. 

We recommend every guitar has an annual service.

Make your instrument play like it used to or look like new and keeping it in the best condition.



Improve the playability, look and sound of your instrument through one of our services.

If you have a specific mod you are after get in touch and I can do it for you.

If you want to have a look at examples of the mods that we can offer, check out our mod shop here.



If you gear isn't working we can get you playing again.

Let us know the issue you are having and we will let you know how we can put it right.

We will give you a quote for the cost of the repair before we start and the appraisal is always free. 

How it Works

Step 1- Free Appraisal

Every guitar is different. Ontop of that every guitarist is different as well. Our process starts with a conversation.

Fill out a form on our website and we can disucss the work that you would like doing.  


Step 2- Drop Off/Colletion

After your appraisal we will send you a contract to eletroically sign, setting out the work we will do and the price we will charge.

We will also set out when your gutiar will be ready for colleciton.

We will then ask you to choose between dropping the guitar off with us or having a doorstep collection.


Step 3- Job Done!

Once we have finished your work we will be in touch. You can either collect the gutiar from us or we can drop it off with you.


We don't do lists of prices. We will look at your guitar and tailor the work (and therefore the price) to what needs doing.

There are however some services that have a fixed price which will hopefully give you an idea of our pricing.

Restring - £10

Annual Service - £35

Fret Spot Dress - £20

Fret Dress - £90

Strings - From £6.20

(Some string brands will be here)