Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About a Service

How much is a setup on my guitar?

Setup prices may vary, due to the type of service required. Every instrument is unique in the work that needs to be undertaken. As a guide a standard setup is £35, which is a full service on your instrument and is reccomended at least once per year. Adjustment and re-profiling of the nut is £40 for all instruments. Adjustment to the saddle on an Acoustic/Classical is £40 with the standard setup.

Can you fix my instrument while I wait?

For most cases, this would not be possible. I want to make sure your instrument is done correctly and this may take extra time I may not be able to see until I get into the work.

How long do you need my instrument?

Turnaround time can vary, for most services I like to say around 2 weeks but aim to have it back sooner than this. I will always look to reduce turnaround times if possible without compromising the service quality.

Do you stock strings?

Indeed we do for all instrument types. From Electric Guitar to Acoustic Bass. Ernie Ball, Rotosound and D'addario strings are all in stock. Ernie Ball strings start from £6.20 for a set of Super, Hybrid, Regular or Power Slinky's.

Do you do same day servicing and setups?

No. Although I can get a service done well within a working day, the main thing preventing such a quick turnaround time is letting the instrument settle. After being adjusted, a guitar take a little time to adjust, once it is stable and going to last for the long term I will then pass it back once I am satisfied it is as we discussed.

Can I bring another instrument when I collect or drop off?

Absolutely, more than happy to help if there are more things you need me to look over

Drop off and Collection

Where can I drop my instrument off?

There are three drop off points. One in Great Harwood, one in York and one in Ashton Under Lyne. To arrange a drop off please contact us so we can book an appointment at your chosen location.

Could my instrument be collected from my home?

A collection and drop off service is available. Should you be unable to make it to a drop off location, we maybe able to come and personally pick them up, we can offer a doorstep collection across a growing part of the North of Egland.

There is a collection and delivery service for the entire of the UK. A box and pre paid postage label will be sent to you, the service will be carried out and then sent back to your door.

I live far from the locations, can I send my instrument to you?

Of Course! Please see the Locations page. We can send you a packaging kit, with pre paid postage labels to box your guitar and send directly to us. A courier will bring you the packaging kit and collect it directly from your door. We will then contact you on the instruments arrival to discuss the work to be undertaken. On completion of the work and payment, we will send the instrument back to you in the box and packaged, directly to your door. All for the agreed cost.

Do I need an appointment to drop off?

Yes, We need to make sure one of our team is available to get your instrument properly booked in, taking time to know the details of what service you need and to take your contact details. To drop off at the showroom in Ashton Under Lyne, we want to make sure time is taken out of the workshop to help make sure everything is covered and booked in correctly and we are not distracted by other jobs. We can then guaruntee we are available and as we are expecting you, we can prepare for your booking saving you time in the process.

The other drop off locations are residential addresses so unless an appointment is made your instrument cannot be accepted for any work as certain processes need to be followed for insurance and liability reasons.

Am I okay turning up at a different time to the Great Harwood address?

The Great Harwood address is a residential property. Someone can meet you there at the set time but not before or beyond this time. Usually about 15 minutes either side.

Can I drop off at the Great Harwood address if someone is there?

No, you will get a confirmation text of your booked time slot.


Do I need to bring my own strings?

Strings in stock for all instrument types of multiple brands. On seeing the guitar we can discuss what strings are to your preference.

If you already have a set of strings, feel free to bring those for your instrument.

What musical instruments do you work on?

All fretted stringed instruments, just contact us to discuss this further.

How quickly can I get my instrument back?

7 - 14 days is the average turnaround time for most guitar servicing. You shall be informed of the instruments progress with the work and once complete, you will be notified. You'll be told if there are any delays and if the pass back date may need to be extended.

What COVID-19 precautions are in place?

Collections and drops offs take place outside, in complience with current government guidelines. A time slot will be arranged and guitars can be looked over on collection. Please bring your guitar in a case, but if you do not have one, it shall be provided for the duration it is in our care.

Do you offer any guarantees?

All services come with a 14 day guaruntee*. Instruments can be tried on collection at the workshop location in Ashton Under Lyne. Any minor adjustments can be made to your preference. If you are able to collect the guitar from our workshop we are happy to tweak it while you are there. For doorstep and postal orders we will work with you to get your guitar exactly how you like it. Just contact us and we shall arrange further assistance. Other services that are offered have extended guaruntees which are detailed on collection of the guitar.

I aim to make sure you and your instrument recieve the best aftercare for any service, just contact me with further queries and I will do my best to help.

*Strings are not covered under warranty.

What are your Rewards

Every service you do with us will earn you Rewards points. We share a reward scheme with our parent company Sell Us Your Guitar. To earn these points you need to create a link on thier website here. For Adam North Gutiar Earn - You will earn 2 points for every £1 spent. Spend - You can trade 1000 points for £20 off your repair bill. This means for a £35 service, if you use your points towards your next service with us you get 4% back in points.

How does Guarantee work with collection/delivery to my home?

This service comes in two parts, there is a cost for the work and a cost of the collection and delivery back to your address. You are covered under guarantee on any service you have with Adam North Guitars which are detailed, the transport service is not covered under a guaruntee so will need to be paid for if you want this service to collect your instrument. As much detail on the booking in to make sure the guitar is setup to your needs would help to avoid future costs of transport to the showroom

I haven't been contacted yet, is my instrument ready?

We only contact you when your instrument is ready to be collected and we have done a final check to make sure we are certain you'll be happy!