Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a setup on my guitar?

Setup prices may vary, due to the type of setup required. Every instrument is unique in the work that needs to be undertaken. As a guide a standard setup is £30, which is a full service on your instrument and is reccomended at least once per year. Adjustment and re-profiling of the nut is £40 for all instruments. Adjustment to the saddle on an Acoustic/Classical is £40 with the standard setup.

Do I need to bring my own strings?

I have strings in stock for all instrument types. On seeing the guitar we can discuss what strings are to your preference.

If you have a set of strings already, feel free to bring those for me to put on your instrument.

What musical instruments do you work on?

All fretted stringed instruments, just contact me to discuss this further.

How quickly can I get my instrument back?

I usually give a time frame of between 7 - 14 days. Once the work has been undertaken, I will give the instrument 3 days to settle and make sure adjustments made do not require further alteration.

Where can I drop my instrument off?

There are two drop off points. One in Great Harwood and one in Ashton Under Lyne. To arrange a drop off at the best place and time, please give me a call.

What COVID-19 precautions are in place?

All collections and drops offs take place outside. I shall wear a mask when speaking to you and social distancing will be maintained. I will arrange a time slot for you and take necessary precautions between customers. Please bring your guitar in a case, but if you do not have one I shall provide one for the duration I have the instrument.

Do you offer any warranties?

All services come with a 14 day warranty*. Instruments can't be tried, like you would be able to at home, on collection. You are safe in the knowledge that if you want something altering it wont cost any extra. Just contact me and we shall arrange how I can help you further. Other services that are offered have extended warranties which are detailed on collection of the guitar.

I aim to make sure you and your instrument recieve the best aftercare for any service, just contact me with further queries and I will do my best to help.

*Strings are not covered under warranty. Please do not adjust the instrument yourself as this could void warranty.

Could my instrument be collected from my home?

A collection and drop off service is available. I collect from a variety of areas all over the Northwest whcih varies in fuel cost. I can arrange a time suitable for yourself and plan my work around collecting and passing back your instrument.

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