Working with Cerys Eless Music in Lockdown

Updated: May 31, 2020

Adam North Guitar Repairs aims to be supportive of those in the Music Industry. Whilst in lockdown I worked alongside Grad Grind recording to showcase the work of Cerys Eless.

Adam North Guitar Repairs, here to help musicians:

Adam North Guitar Repairs was created to help musicians of all varieties achieve the best from their instruments. Unable to work and having to close due to the pandemic, I worked as part of Grad Grind Recordings. Collaborating our skillset to help promote the very exciting artist Cerys Eless. This involved developing a website, online marketing and promotion and showcasing the immense talent Cerys has to offer.

As part of GrandGrind recordings, we worked with Cerys to promote the EP the introverts club releasing the single 'Overdose' 2 weeks prior.

A website is a shop front in the Digital Age:

Extensive conversations helped shape the aesthetic and usability of the website. The artwork and videos on the site have been created by the talented Jack Taylor, which are integrated into the site, to allow her fans easy access to all platforms of her music.

For Adam North Guitar Repairs I developed the website, to make looking for a repair simple and accessible. The website is my shop front and this is the same for Cerys Eless. On the website you are able to listen to her music, watch music videos, read about her development and see where she is playing, all in one click.

In a digital age, attention spans are shortening and no-one likes waiting for pages to load. Having all information one click away improves the user experience. We worked together to make using a website an enjoyable experience, everything Cerys is available from this single place.

Social Media is the forefront of communication:

In a time of quarantine and isolation, people would be expected to use social media more. Since in this time it was impossible to go and see Cerys Eless perform live, building the social presence and being able to engage with people without a physical interaction was critical.

Cerys had performed in the UK, also being played on BBC Radio previously, but the advertising of Cerys' brand of music, highlighted her music is popular with those in South America. Using Facebook, the music was delivered directly to those who would enjoy it!

Helping develop Cerys' ability to connect with people, using social media, has shown a great response. BBC Radio Wales have A-listed the track 'Overdose' from the EP!

Evolution is critical:

Technology and techniques evolve in every aspect, it is important to be in a position to re-evaluate and move with the times.

20 years ago the music industry began to see the rise of digital technology as pirating sites allowed consumers the music they loved for nothing. CD sales were under threat and the industry recognised this. iTunes was a development, but people still knew they could have music for nothing if they wished. Spotify created a way people could stream music in an accessible format, while allowing the artist to be paid.

Artists used to be the creators, making the music and the label publishes and promotes the work. Now the artist has to be a brand manager, social media manager, website designer, negotiator, graphics designer... it goes on, before they even get seen by a label executive.

Being popular, is more than just good music, or a good service in the current time. Cerys with her music and me with making a guitar the best it can be, is just the end product of a lot of time and dedication behind the audible or visible product. Research, development and updating of websites are critical. an untidy shop front or poorly designed website will put people off, it shows a lack of care and attention. In the promotion aspect of any work, showing there is a great deal and care inspires confidence in a person's abilities.

Nothing beats connecting with another person:

Being able to connect with a person is essential in music. The development aimed to showcase the person Cerys and not just her music. Showing her gig dates, getting in contact and reading about her story in the bio.

The person looking at the website of Cerys Eless and seeing her music will be able to connect. Being able to put a voice to everything else shared allows that crucial connection to be made with her, you can get to know her and connect even in lockdown.

It is important for Cerys and for my working. Taking time to speak to people and get to know someone one of my core aims. I treat the instrument as my own, I take the greatest of care and it is rewarding when passing back their pride and joy.

Always here to help:

For any question music related I am here for advice. I have studied playing the instrument to degree level, I have worked in music retail from young age and I actively work with others in the industry to promote their work. I keep up to date with goings on in the industry and new releases so I can be a point of call.

I can help and advise in more than just the capacity of a guitar repairer. My job is to help musicians of all skill levels. If there is ever anything I can do to potentially help, I am only on the other end of the phone. Feel free to call anytime!

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