Gibson Truss Nut Defect

I had someone get in touch with me, regarding their Gibson guitar. The truss rod nut had looked like it had been filed/sanded.

As the pictures show, a good part of the nut had been worn away and the truss rod thread had also been worn.

The good news is an easy fix, in just buying a new truss rod nut. The thread on the truss rod is not damaged, just worn, so the nut will still work as it should. Even the nut in this condition will still work as intended, but would still reccomend a change.

The cause of this is during the finishing process of the guitar I was informed. It is very rare this occurs in my experience but it can be easily replaced.

I would like to say a thank you to the person that let me share this and for keeping me updated on the fixing of their guitar!

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