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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

There is a lot of hype around the Pickups being produced by Radioshop. Based in Wales these pickups are sent out all over the world, held in high regard and known as being just generally amazing.

As a player myself I love to modify my guitars to make them the best they can be. When it came to upgrading the Ibanez AF-200, Ibanez's flagship Jazz box, the only thing I could possibly upgrade was the pickups.

I wanted the best, something that would make this instrument the best it could be. So after a call to the guys at Radioshop I went for ‘The Electric Spanish PAF’ set. The pickups are unpotted, allowing for more harmonic response, they are designed with no compromise, very much like the sought after vintage pickups which make the older guitars so valuable.

Installation of the pickups was as always with a hollow body guitar, a more challenging job than a standard electric. Installing the pickups went as well as it could have done, thanks to a solid wiring construction on the pickups. The detail in the wire itself, in how well constructed it is, reinforces the detail put into its design and creation.

All installed, and setup to Radioshop's guidelines. It is plugged through a Fender Bassbreaker 45 (A great amplifier for removing the windows from the front room).

The guitar is a new animal, it retails for £2000+, yet these pickups make it arguably the most complete Jazz guitar I have ever played. I have played Gibson L5's, 175's from modern to 60's one's and many more; yet no guitar has ever sounded this perfect and rounded. The dynamics achieved, the richer harmonic texture with greater clarity take this £2000+ Jazz box from a very good guitar - into one of the best ever created. The pickups allow the brilliance of the guitars construction to be fully exploited.

I get asked a lot what pickups to go for when upgrading a guitar, well Radioshop are certainly recommended by me! They do sets for all types of guitars and configurations and it won't be my last set either.

Great Knowledge

Great Design

Great Pickups!

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