Sell Us Your Guitar Packaging

Durable, sturdy and designed to ship your instrument (with or without a case) safely.

You have found a new home for your guitar, then the dreaded question is asked... "Do you mind shipping it to me?" In times of lockdowns and limited travel, shipping your instrument to sell it has become common place, but a very stressful process. Often the worry is about getting the instrument there safely! I need to ship instrument to and from people with instrument repairs. There was nothing worse than worrying if an instrument I had re-fretted, arrived safely. The time spent to get it right for the customer can be easily undone by the sub par packaging.

Sell Us Your Guitar packaging Large
Guitar Box - Large

The Sell Us your Guitar boxes and packaging kits offer an answer to myself and many others in how to ship an instrument safely. I could go on how how its thicker than a standard box, fully adjustable and the bubble wrap that could shield you from a falling piano. But I use these daily, I know how good they are! A 1965 Gibson SG, a 1960 Rickenbacker, Gibson Les Paul's, various acoustic

and electric's, I have shipped globally using these boxes, without an issue.

The box is secured in the center with packaging tape on shipping. I often get asked if the two sections would simply pull apart, and how strong this center section is as its usually the most flexible. The boxes fit snugly together to make it difficult to simply pull apart, the tape around the center reinforces it. The center point is four times thicker than a standard guitar box, even Chuck Norris would do well to break through it!

Sell Us your Guitar Packaging kit
Guitar Box - Small

I fully recommend buying the boxes with the bubble wrap option, a small box fits electrics and bass' with or without a gig bag, a large box fits acoustics and guitars in cases.

They are available as single boxes (with industrial strength bubble wrap) or flat packed in 3, 5 and 10. Large and Small boxes available with fast delivery options and tracking.

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