The Yamaha Revstar is amazing. That's why I've bought one.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

When talking about the electric guitar, Yamaha have always made iconic guitars. The SG 2000 is considered a guitar great and now they can add the Yamaha Revstar to this category, but for a fraction of the price.

Iconic guitars often have unique selling points. Try changing any of the things that made these guitars great and purists will comment (like myself). It will be discussed how these changes mess about with the heritage and points which make the instrument so desirable and iconic.

Yamaha could have jumped on this and created an updated version of the SG. But the SG guitar doesn't quite fit with the times. A second hand one from the 80's in perfect condition would could fetch over £2000, so it is plausible to say a new version would be much more. The SG is still available, with modern changes, but it has not got the essence of the iconic SG2000. Lesser models than the SG 2000, copy the shape but do leave you disappointed. You feel they made a guitar and then found ways to cut costs. This makes the SG2000 an exclusive owners club. If you have a Yamaha SG but not the 2000, you feel "the guitar could be so much better". You feel like you should have done better, like you have it for the sake of it. But it'll never be the guitar you truly want.

It is visible with other brands too, even now. Spend £1000 on a guitar and you can do better. Better pickups, nicer finishing, binding on the body. Aesthetics that tell other people you could have worked harder and done better. It's a harsh reality! This is where Yamaha have worked hard. The 'bottom' of the range Revstar, keeps the shape and key features, keeping the essence, it is an affordable work horse. The 'highest' model is £1500 made in Japan with Yamaha's amazing attention to detail. There is not one 'better' than this, like a special custom model, this one is the best Revstar's you can get. The difference between 'low and high end' models with other brands is around £5k from lowest to highest model, you feel they can always make what you have better. Yamaha's range is from £300-£400 up to £1500, you feel they have made the best guitar you can and it's achievable!

The greatest view of this is between the RS720B and RSP20CR. The difference in price is £500 and the difference in the guitar is based on your opinion, the player. The RS720B features a chunky neck, jumbo frets, low output Pickups and a Bigsby tremolo and it's made in Indonesia. The RSP20CR doesn't have the Bigsby, has higher output pickups and is made in Japan. Both have the same shape, variations on the finish and same circuitry with the dry switch. Yamaha have made a great range of guitars and you don't get the feeling anymore that you spend more and get a better guitar, what you spend depends on your needs and your preference.

The Revstar range takes the best bits of other guitars including the SG 2000 and puts them in to a Greatest Hits edition. £1000 doesn't buy you a guitar that could be better, with the Revstar range it buys you a guitar you should be proud to gig and not feel the need to justify why you didn't spend more. I've bought the RS720B and I do not feel like there is a better one. It suits me perfectly! If you pass your local music shop, give one a go!

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