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I am very proud to be working with Sell Us Your Guitar as their exclusive Guitar technician. The article is a bit about why I love working with them! I work on musical instruments to make them the best they can be. The joy on a person's face when their pride and joy is returned is hugely rewarding. Sell Us Your Guitar follow the same ethos to myself, make instruments the best they can be! Working together we make already great instruments even better and ready for their new home.

Buying a preowned guitar with Sell Us Your Guitar can now be done in huge confidence and knowledge that you are getting a cared for and pre-loved musical instrument. Lewis from Sell Us Your Guitar has told me his top guitars he had rehomed: 1, Gretsch White Falcon - "One of the last years they made the 7595 with very versatile pickup options and one of the best looking guitars I’ve seen. We've had a few vintage Gretsch Guitars in and they do not disappoint"

2, Martin OM28 - "Just an amazing guitar, it was one of the first Martins we got in changed my opinion of Martins. I had previously played ones that retail new under £1000, they were good but this guitar just blew me away!"

3, Gibson Super 200 - "One of the first high end guitars we ever received, it’s one of five in the world and is probably the best acoustic I’ve played, it’s a Gibson acoustic with an Ebony board! We worked really hard to get this guitar and having such a rare and amazing guitar was a big day. Sell Us Your Guitar set up to work with quality instruments and it was so rewarding to have this in our hands!"

4, Gibson Antique Classic - "A unique take on a reissue Les Paul, I also love the story behind this instrument. We had been working hard for years to deal with guitars like the Super 200 and Gretsch, but I was unable to keep them! When this guitar came in, we had received amazing feedback on all our online pages, we had guitars coming from all over the world and being shipped to people globally. It was just rewarding seeing all our attention to detail on our work being loved by others. When Adam looked over this guitar he said how good it was and how he'd never seen one like this before. Out of 300 plus guitars, I decided to keep this one as a constant reminder of why we do what we do and how rewarding our work is. I love her!"

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