Through an accident, where the instrument is kept or through long term use, the guitar can have an issue that is either visible or causing an issue. Be it a crack in the wood or there being no signal from your guitar through an amp, there's a lot we can do to make sure your pride and joy is in the best possible shape in the future. 

Headstock Repair.jpg

The guitar here you can see has a small gap between the grains in the wood, known as a cleat crack. The percussive style from this player meant a lot of stress is put on this area, it was repaired and reinforced to make sure this was secure in the future.

This Strat has previously had a refret with the frets glued to the fingerboard. The frets hid this fingerboard underneath as the previous frets had been ripped out not following the correct procedures. The fingerboard was saved and given the attention is deserved and it is now in the hands of its new owner. 

Chipped fingerboard.jpg