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Gibson Les Paul
Full service and restring for this Gibson. Neck relief has been set to be much flatter
Gibson Explorer
The player had very specific action requirements, to achieve maximum playability. He left a great review!
Taylor Acoustic
All this beauty needed was a new set of strings and spruce up!
Mexican Strat
Setup in Eb, to achieve ultimate SRV tone!
Eko Electro-Acoustic
Break angle has been improved whilst lowering the action. Now much more comfortable to play.
Takamine G Series
Action has been lowered on the bass and treble side. Now much easier to play at the higher frets.
Warwick Corvette LTD Edition
Hand Signed by the CEO, this bass is 1 of 100 out there. Fully setup and plays amazingly again
Gibson Les Paul 1981
Well played and showing its age. Fully serviced and ready to gig again
Gibson Les Paul 1990
In pristine condition, with a Bill Lawrence pickup in the bridge, this is an astonishing guitar.
1954 Gibson ES125
You can read about this in the blog
Travel Guitar
Fitted with a Seymour Duncan Woody to be used live
Custom Telecaster
This has been refined to make it great to play, with smoother frets and a lower action
Fender 5 String Bass
Given a full service and new set of D'addario Pro Steel strings
Aria Pro II
Overhauled, restrung with D'addario XT 10's and fitted with a new Jack socket.
1/2 Size Acoustic
Light strings have been put on. It's now alot easier to play
3/4 Classical Guitar
Restrung and cleaned up for a learner of the Guitar.
Dave Murray Strat
Setup on this signature Strat. Given a lower action for better playability.
Patrick Eggle
Saddle slots cleaned to prevent string breaks as often. Full setup and fretboard clean
Strat Relic and Refret
Refret and heavy relic on this Japanese Strat - See more in the Blog
Yamaha Revstar
This guitar was for sale. I loved it so much, it now lives with me.
Westfield Bass
New bone nut for a local school's music department
Fender Modern Player
This telecaster has had a new Switchcraft Jack socket and a full setup
Gibson Les Paul
Left handed model given a new set of strings and once over
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Full service for this incredible guitar
Custom Telecaster
Setup and electrically cleaned for a BIMM Manchester tutor.
Fender Japanese Telecaster
Fitted with a new neck pickup and given a full service.
Dean Bass Neck Break
The 3 piece neck break is barely noticeable
Ernie Ball Musicman
Pickup height adjusted and relief set to have a much flatter neck
Fender Stratocaster
New strings and full service, the owner is a music student at BIMM
Charvel Bass Guitar
The jack socket has broken, a new one of the same type was fitted
Burns Cobra
The tremolo was the main focus on this guitar. Customer left very happy with their guitar!
Ibanez Gio Electric
This had a few electrical problems, the owner has since booked in more of their instruments
Lefty 3/4 Classical
Restrung and ready for a beginner to make the step into learning guitar
Cleat Crack Repair
A Small gap had open up in the top of this Lowden. Reinforced and fixed, the crack isn't visible
Cort Electric
New machine heads and a service, it's a great guitar this!
Fender Stratocaster USA
Fret dress, setup and electrical clean. Ready for a cruise ship guitarist
Merida Classical
Setup and restrung for a local guitar tutor
Custom B Bender Tele
What an amazing custom guitar. It received a full once over
Fender Telecaster
This guitar needed a full once over and a fresh set of strings
Epiphone SG
Full service and good to go
Tanglewood Acoustic
All setup for a beginner to learn. A well setup instrument is much more enjoyable
Ibanez 5 String Bass
In for a full setup. The neck relief was adjusted and action lowered
Yamaha Acoustic
A crack in the top of this acoustic has been fixed and reinforced
Fender Telecaster
Setup and restrung - plays beautifully!
Fender Stratocaster
New pickups and full service for another BIMM tutor
Fender Stratocaster
Re-fretted with Stainless steel frets for this tutor at BIMM
Headstock Break
Can barely tell where this headstock had broken
Squier Bass
Restrung and setup, looks like new
Gibson SG
Brand new! Finessing the setup and restring with a set of LOXX strap locks
Gibson LP Firebrand
Neck, Pickups and setup adjusted. Strung with D'addario XT 10's.
Gibson ES-175
Restored back to its designed playable state. Cleaned, serviced and good to go!
Gibson ES 345
A few electrical issues all fixed on this astonishing example of what Gibson can produce
Fender Telecaster
Fitted with new pickups, setup and strung with flatwound strings. Great combo!
Fender Newporter
The neck has been given the correct amount of relief and fitted with a new saddle
Brian May Guitar
Fitted a new switch and addressed other wiring issues for upcoming theatre shows
Squier Telecaster
Taken apart and rebuilt to address mulitple issues. Now back to full working order
Stellah Bass - New nut
Fitted with a new bone nut, given a service and setup
Gretsch Electromatic
This bass had a cracked headstock, it has been gigged ever since fixing.
Squier 5 String
Some issues with the electrics, fully cleaned up and back working
Epiphone Les Paul
This custom model has been fully serviced and cleaned to bring out the finish
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Gibson Lucille

Fully cleaned electrics and setup.