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The Adam North Guitars Mod Shop is designed by you and fitted by us. Guitarists want their instruments to be tailored to their needs, we can add a single component or design a tailored schematic depending on your needs. From a bone nut, to stainless steel frets to everywhere in between. Upgrade and modify to make your current instrument the one you have always wanted

The process is designed on what you want to achieve. Before we work on your guitar, we want to know about you. Who inspires you? What type of music would you like to play? We will then talk about your instrument and make it work around you. Do you want alterations made to the guitar permanently or would you like modifications to be reversible? We can then discuss what we can offer and then move forward with making your dream instrument to your specifications.

Machine Head Change

£20-£30 plus parts

Upgrade your existing machine heads to improve tuning stability, look and general usability. We can help you source the ones that are perfect for you.

Radioshop Pickups

Price on request

Radioshop pickups are held in the highest regard by some of the best guitarists in the world. They take vintage and modern pickup design to an entirely new level which means in my opinion they cannot be beaten!

Jazz Switch

£10 plus parts

Used on early Fenders the switch effectively acts as a rolled off tone pot. Can uses a variety of switches to get multiple capacitors on one switch.

Bone Nut


A bone nut is the one of the best materials to make a guitar nut from. There are many materials you may see that try to replicate bone but there is no substitute for the real thing. 

Get a discount when you include a full service. 

CTS Pots

From £6 plus fitting

CTS pots are used on the best electric guitars and bass' and we have them in stock for every kind of guitar.

Split/Series/Parallel Switch

£12 plus parts

Commonly used on Humbuckers, you can split certain humbuckers to have a wide range of sounds from one switch.

Stainless Steel Refret

From £230

The best fret material there is. The lifespan on these frets is improved from standard frets and they also produce a nicer tone. They are worthy of a long term investment. 

Push/Pull Potentiometer

From £6 plus fitting

A push/pull pot can be used in a variety of ways to unlock more variation on your guitar.


From £120

Choose the material, height, width and get the guitar frets that are perfect for you. 

Prices vary depending on material of the frets. 

Jack Socket

£10 plus parts

The jack socket is a simple but essential part of the instrument. Locking, gold plated and other options are available.

Pickup Replacement

£20-£30 plus parts

Pickups in your guitar can be changed to better suit your style. Let us know what you are after and not only can we fit them but help you source them and make sure you get the correct one. Prices start from £15 for a straight swap but we can do so much more to get many different sounds. 

Kill switch

£10 plus parts

Get those Tom Morello sounds with a simple yet effective modification

The Mod Shop is designed to make any guitar unique. Here are the highlights of this 'Madocaster'. Which you can read about in a greater detailed article

  • Stainless Steel saddles

  • Extended Neck plate

  • 5 Way Super switch

  • Radioshop 1963 GT Neck and Middle Pickup

  • Radioshop PAF - High output

  • Neck and Middle - 250k circuit

  • Bridge - 500k Circuit, to tone 2.

  • Split/Series/Parallel on the bridge

  • Neck on Pickup - Gilmour Switch

  • Series/Parallel neck and middle pickup

  • Kill switch 

  • Russian Capacitors (0.22uf on bridge, 0.47 Neck and Middle)

  • Jazz Switch (0.33uf and 0.22uf choices)

  • Gold plated jack socket

  • CTS Pots


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