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Musical instruments require a regular service to keep it in full working order.

To the right is a snapshot at some of the services we offer, the best way to know which is right for you is to fill out our contact form.

Maintaining your instrument is crucial but easy to lose track of the service interval. Leave that to us, as part of any service from us, we will let you know when your next service is due



A complete strip down and rebuild of your instrument. A deep clean, major service and makes any guitar back to its best.

£70 plus strings



Keep your instrument is great shape. Checking key areas of your instrument and tailoring its setup to you

£35 plus strings



A new set of strings improves intonation, stability and tone. Comes with a fretboard and body clean.

£12 plus strings



Upgrade your instrument to make it the best it can be with our Mod Shop


With the Adam North Guitars Mod Shop get a bespoke Bone nut and saddle for your acoustic, or fit all new CTS pots on your Electric, with a custom wiring schematic tailored to your needs


We only stock the best components so you get the best from your playing experience. To the right are some examples of work we have done


Maybe because of general wear and tear or because of something more, your pride and joy may not be working like it used to.


The guitar may buzz on certain frets or you may not be able to get the action as you like it. It could be something more serious like a crack in the top which could one of many issues.


The best way to see if we can help is to get in touch with us. If you want to take a further look click on one of the potential work areas to find out more.







Your frets may need a tweak or could benefit from a full refret. Look at our fretwork page for how we will check, advise and perform the correct service for your guitar.



From machine heads that cannot hold string tension to strings that keep snapping. From a crackling pot to there being no output. The best way for us to help is to contact us.


Cracks and Breaks

A crack in the wood doesn't mean its the end for your guitar. Let us know your issue and we can let you know how we can help.

If you are not sure what service is right for you, contact us so we can help you