A complete strip down and rebuild of your instrument. A deep clean, major service and makes any guitar back to its best.

£70 plus strings

About this service

An Overhaul is the process of meticulously cleaning each and every component of your instrument. Accumulation of dirt over the years can begin to have an adverse effect on the instruments ability.

All the machine heads will be stripped down and rebuilt, checking the internal mechanisms, the nut slots will be checked and dressed only if needed. The fretboard will be oiled and frets dressed to bring out the best shine. All the wiring will be checked and any problem soldering joints or other areas of concerns will be fixed to best prevent failure at a later date. The electrics will be cleaned and tested to make sure everything is working like its just come out of the factory!

This service is ideal for guitars with tremolo systems as this is where the main rebuild occurs to remove hard to reach areas of build up which can happen over the years. Checking each thread and component.

Setup Guarantee

Make sure you are completely satisfied with how your instrument plays. If your instrument has moved slightly or you just want a tweak it won't cost any extra.

Double Points

Earn double points on your service with our reward scheme. Use them for money off your next service or to spend with Sell Us Your Guitar

Yearly Notification

It is important to get your instrument serviced so it stays in great shape and has a long life span. We can contact you when it is due so you don't need to worry.