A new set of strings improves intonation, stability and tone. Comes with a fretboard and body clean.

£12 plus strings

About this service

A restring is an essential service for any player. With a choice of brands (Ernie Ball, Rotosound and D'addario to name a few) a new set of strings improves overall tuning and stability.

Whilst the strings are being changed we also give the guitar a health check and let you know of any areas which may require future or immediate attention and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience of playing.

The neck will be oiled, frets cleaned and guitar polished ready for you to enjoy.

Only the best

All our oils and polishes are specifically designed for the job of care. We use the same ointments on every instrument no matter the price for only the best care.

Double Points

Earn double points on your service with our reward scheme. Use them for money off your next service or to spend with Sell Us Your Guitar

Yearly Notification

It is important to get your instrument serviced so it stays in great shape and has a long life span. We can contact you when it is due so you don't need to worry.