Restring - £10 (+Strings)

New set of strings for your instrument. Includes a clean of the guitar body and neck.

Setup - £35 - (+Strings)

Instrument Service.

Recommended once a year.

Full once over and restring.

Overhaul - £70 (+Strings)

Complete strip down, deep clean and rebuild of the instrument. Includes a Setup.

Spot Dress - £20

One uneven fret can cause less sustain and a buzz. Can be fixed with this service.

Fret Dress - £90

Worn frets given a new lease of life. Levelled and crowned with a fine attention to detail. Includes a full setup

Refret - From £150

With frets of your choosing, make your instrument last another generation. Stainless steel frets available for £250. Includes full overhaul

Headstock - From £30

If the headstock on your instrument has broken it's life isn't over. Seen above is an example

Wiring - From £15

From soldering a wire to making a custom loaded pickguard. One of best ways to upgrade your instrument

Evaluation - Free!

Contact us to see how we can help make your instrument the best it can be.

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