Bone Nut

A bone nut is the one of the best materials to make a guitar nut from. There are many materials you may see that try to replicate bone but there is no substitute for the real thing. 


All Prices Include Fitting

A bone is a material that is one of the hardest materials in guitar construction, allowing a greater transfer of energy from the strings to the guitar. Great for use on all instrument types, the transfer of energy from the strings improves resonance and overall tonality from the instrument most notable when playing the strings open. The nut will be made specifically for the instrument it will be fitted to, with the nut slots and dimensions specific to that instrument, to offer a fully tailored part to achieve maximum playability on the instrument. A bone nut is suitable for all guitar types and for an acoustic or classical guitar it would be advised to fit a bone saddle to achieve the maximum from your instrument.