CTS Pots

CTS pots are used on the best electric guitars and bass' and we have them in stock for every kind of guitar.

From £6

All Prices Include Fitting

Potentiometers need to be reliable and robust, that is why we stock CTS. Commonly found on higher end guitars, these are well priced and going to be reliable. They come in different sizes to fit your specific guitar and in different tapers depending on if you want a logarithmic taper (A) or a linear Taper (B). Logarithmic is associated with tone pots and Linear are associated with volume pots, but it all depends on preference. On my Les Paul I have this configuration but on my Stratocaster I have all linear potentiometers. CTS pots are the brand I will use on personal guitars and one I highly recommend to customers and fit on stock instruments that need repair from Sell Us Your Guitar.