Treble Bleed

A treble bleed circuit allows high end frequencies to still be present as the volume pot is turned down, meaning more control over your sound as volume is reduced.


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When reducing the volume on a guitar, the higher frequencies are reduced. Rather than reducing volume as it may seem, certain frequencies begin to be blocked, the volume seems reduced but the sound loses clarity making ‘low volume’ on your guitar not particularly usable. The treble bleed circuit, as the name suggests, allows the higher frequencies to be part of the signal, regaining the clarity at lower volumes. Volume swells and use of the volume has much greater clarity and control. When using distortion settings by dialing back the volume with the treble bleed mod it is possible to go from full distortion to a little bit of crunch by using the control rather than having to mess with multiple settings. This modification works well on all electric guitars and allows a greater dimension of playing with a wider range of use on the volume control.